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    HFJY-Ⅰ type of automatic dosing device

    HFJY-Ⅰtype of automatic dosing device is a kind of new type automatic dosing device developed based on many years’ practice on water treatment project as well as advanced technology and industrial characteristics at home and abroad. The device can achieve continuous preparation and feeding from chemical powder to chemical solution with set concentration. 

    Characteristics of product
    The device has set liquid storage device and metering pump, so the dosing device can meet requirement of continuous feeding;
    The device can meet requirements for functions to dose different kinds of chemical; 
    Dosage of chemical powder can be changed according to situations at site and concentration of chemical solution can be manually changed;
    Chemical powder can be automatically fed and dosed in fixed quantity so as to save man power and reduce labor intensity. 

    Working principle
    Chemical powder inside storage hopper can be automatically sucked in by suction machine. Chemical powder can be added in fixed quantity through screw feeder. 
    Chemical powder and fresh water can be instantly mixed in mixer and the proportional water and chemical shall be stirred in blender inside blending tank. Dilute them to the required concentration and then lift to liquid storage tank by submerged pump; add chemical liquor inside liquid storage tank to dosing point through metering pump. 

    Composition of the device
    HFJY-Ⅰtype of automatic dosing device majorly comprises storage hopper, suction machine, screw feeder, water supply system, mixer, blending tank, liquid storage tank, blender, level switch, electrical control cabinet, submerged sewage pump and metering pump etc.

    (1)storage hopper (2)screw feeder (3)water supply system (4)mixer (5)blending tank (6)liquid storage tank (7)blender (8)level switch (9)electrical control cabinet (10)submerged sewage pump (11)metering pump (12)powder suction device 

    Application scope
    Dilution and addition of dry chemical powder in various industries
    Dilution and addition of chemical liquor in various industries

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