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    HFJY-Ⅱ type of automatic dosing device

    HFJY-Ⅱ type of automatic dosing device is another kind of new type automatic dosing device improved and developed based on many years’ practice on water treatment project as well as advanced technology and industrial characteristics at home and abroad. The device can achieve continuous preparation and feeding from chemical powder to chemical solution with set concentration.

    Characteristics of product
    Design of the device is compact and rational, and it can meet requirement for continuous preparation and addition from dry powder to chemical solution. 
    The device can meet requirements for functions to adding different chemicals; especially it has sufficient ripening time for polyacrylamide so as to form “fisheye”.
    It can change dosage of dry powder and set concentration of chemical solution according to situations at site.
    Dosage can be automatically adjusted according to signal fed back from dosing point. 

    Working principle
    The dosing device can achieve automatic control for water feeding of chemical box, addition of dry powder and solution preparation through start and stop of water solenoid valve which can be controlled by power distribution cabinet and through operation of screw powder-supply machine and mixing motor. Design of screw feeder and exchange trough plate can guarantee dosing proportion of mixed chemical solution and convert functions of chemical box between solution box and dosing box, so as to avoid human error accidents; improve work efficiency; reduce labor strength and reduce environmental pollution. Meanwhile, automatic and continuous chemical addition can be fulfilled through controlling operation of dosing pump by power distribution cabinet and conversion of three-pass solenoid valve. 

    Composition of the device
    HFJY-Ⅱ type of automatic dosing device comprises control cabinet, dry powder storage tank, screw feeder, swirling type of cone mixer, exchange trough plate, chemical box, dosage metering pump and pipes used for connecting gathered transportation pipe net.

    (1) dry powder storage tank (2) screw feeder (3) swirling type of cone mixer (4) exchange trough plate (5)blender (6) chemical box A (7)chemical box B (8)liquid level meter (9)metering pump (10)water supply system (11)liquid drainage system

    Application scope
    Dilution and addition of dry powder in various industries
    Liquid chemical diluting and adding blender in various industries

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