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    CPI high-efficiency sloping-panel degreaser

    CPI high-efficiency sloping-panel degreaser is a sloping-panel oil and suspended matter removing device with high separation efficiency. Its working principle mainly is while using proportion difference of oil and water as well as suspended matter and water to conduct gravitational separation, utilizing shallow-pond sedimentation theory and setting up sloping panel to increase superficial area of separation, guaranteeing that oil drops and suspended solids are removed effectively, which greatly improves separation efficiency of oil and suspended solid. CPI high-efficiency sloping-panel degreaser is an ideal oil removal equipment without energy consumption and easy operation and management. 

    Equipment features  
    ◆ Mainly separate floating oil and dispersed oil and special designing in allusion to emulsified oil and dissolved oil.
    ◆ At the same time owning relatively strong sedimentation. In a short time, suspended matter concentration can reach 1500mg/L at most. 
    ◆ Adopt second-level oil removal, lower surface load of inclined pipe region and avoid blocking inclined pipe. 
    ◆ Slopping panel and inclined pipe both adopt stainless material with characteristics of not adhering to oil and age resisting.
    ◆ Adopt scraping machine with patented technology, owning good effect of scraping residues. 
    ◆ Set auxiliary washing function is able to effectively avoid blocking of equipment.  
    ◆ Set with heating system can guarantee demand of equipment on operation. 
    ◆ High separation efficiency. 
    ◆ Relatively less investment and operation expense.

    Working principle 
    Sewage enters first-level sloping-panel setting region from the upper part. Suspended solids rise to sloping-panel setting region with water flow. Using shallow-pond sedimentation theory to quickly shorten separation time to fast achieve effect of solid-liquid separation. After separation, suspended solids sink to mud bucket under the effect of gravity, while big oil drop floats to the surface of liquid. Removing most oil and suspended solids and avoid blocking of sloping panel in second-level oil removal region in a bid to realize relatively good effect of removing oil. When sewage enters second-level sloping panel region, suspended solids in water quickly sink into inclined pipe. When reaching a certain quantity, suspended solids slide to mud bucket and then are discharged with sewage sludge in first-level oil removal region via mud pipe. Separation of small oil drops adopt gathering theory, that is, owing to buoyancy force, small oil drops attached to surface arc top of corrugated plate in inclined pipe gradually gather to bigger oil drops, and float to water surface along sloping panel, then are blown to oil trap through chain-board scraping machine, and finally enter oil exit pipe by flowing automatically.

    Device constitution 
    CPI sloping-panel degreaser consist of steel structure body, oil trap, catch basin, stainless steel, stainless sloping panel, stainless pipe chute, chain-panel oil scraper, steam warming pipe, auxiliary washing pipe, roof cover plate, PLC control cabinet, mud valve and so on. 

    Performance parameter 
    Handling capacity:50~600 m/h 
    Separation accuracy: import: oiliness≤1000mg/L(oil proportion ≤0.95)SS≤500mg/L export : oiliness≤100mg/L SS≤100mg/L and so on。

    Application scope 
    ◆ Wastewater treatment in land and offshore oil field;  
    ◆ Wastewater treatment in petroleum refining and petrochemical industry;
    ◆ Oily wastewater treatment of ship, port & pier, oil depot and oil tank;
    ◆ Oily sewage treatment in other industries.

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