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    Tank-type of high-efficient oil-water separation device

    Tank-type of high-efficient oil-water separation device series is designed, developed and manufactured by our company according to treatment of oily sewage in oilfield with technology of Canadian Andmir. Effect of oil-water separation is improved based on principles like floatation, coalescence and sedimentation etc as well as actual characteristics of oily sewage treatment process adopted by onshore oilfield of China. Crude recovery rate is increased at the premise that quality of crude oil is guaranteed.
    Tank-type of high-efficient oil-water separation device can further increase oil-removing efficiency by more than 40% and increase suspended-solids-removing efficiency by 
    more than 20%, based on previous treatment effect of sewage sedimentation tank, so as to solve current problems of the oilfield such as low oil-removing efficiency of 
    sedimentation tank and big floor space etc. It can be applied into newly-built sewage sedimentation tank (buffer tank) or technical correction for existing sedimentation tank. 
    It shall save investment amount and improve economic benefit when oily sewage treatment efficiency is improved.
    Composition of device

    Tank-type of high-efficient oil-water separation device comprises four parts including snake-type of mixed gas-release system outside tank, pump unit, release system inside 
    tank and automatic control system. 
    Snake-type of mixed gas-release system outside tank majorly comprises snake-type of mixer, imported releaser and dissolved-air pressure pipe etc.
    Pump unit comprises imported multiphase pump, process pipe and pressure control panel etc. 
    Release system inside tank majorly comprises imported releaser and release device etc. 
    Automatic control system majorly comprises instrument, valve and control cabinet etc.

    ? It has dual functions of air flotation and sedimentation, based on organic integration of high-pressure dissolved-air technology and traditional sedimentation tank; 
    ? Improve oil-removing efficiency; save floor area and have high anti-fluctuation ability;
    ? Adopt special high-pressure dissolved-air technology so it has large dissolved air volume and strong sewage-carrying ability of bubbles so as to treat sewage with high oil 
       content and high suspended solids. 
    ? Adopt new-style of “copolymerization technology” without chemical feeding or more than 40% chemical saved;
    ? Adopt special imported dissolved-air releaser so it has no jam and operates stably;
    ? Quality of recovered oil is good without influence on crude oil system; 
    ? Automatic control and easy operation and maintenance;

    Application scope
    ? Newly build or reform buffer tank and sedimentation tank in sewage treatment project of onshore oilfield; 
    ? Newly build or reform buffer tank and sedimentation tank in oily sewage treatment project in petrochemical industry etc; 
    ? Sewage treatment project in steel and iron industries

    Oil-removing rate 95 %;
    Removal rate of suspended solids 60 %

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