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    Tank?ⅡTank-type high-efficiency oil-water separating equipment

    Tank?Ⅱ Tank-type high-efficiency oil-water separation equipment is a new product development by our company on the basis of Tank technology and combination with the latest air floatation technology in the world in allusion to oiliness treatment of the industry. The technical product is based on the principles including copolymerization floatation and sedimentation, importing advanced mixing technique and in-tank gathering and distribution water technology, which can significantly improve effect of oily water separation and improve recovery rate of crude oil in the premise of ensuring good quality of crude oil. Tank Ⅱ tank-type high-efficiency oil-water separation equipment, compared with settling tank, is able to improve oil removing rate for over 40%, removing rate of suspended solids for over 20%, solving problems including oil removing rate of existing settling tank in oily sewage is low and floor space is large, which saves investment and enhances economic returns while improving handling efficiency of oily sewage. 

    Technical features
    ◆ High-pressure dissolved air technology organically combines with traditional settling tank, owning functions of air floatation and sedimentation.
    ◆ Brand-new water distribution equipment make inflow contact with dissolved air water more completely; 
    ◆ Reasonable in-tank gathering and distribution water technology fully use in-tank effective space.
    ◆ Improve oil removing rate, save floor space and the ability to resist water fluctuation is strong. 
    ◆ Adopt unique high-pressure dissolved air technology, large dissolved air capacity, strong ability to hold dirt, able to teat wastewater with high oil content and large suspended solids. 
    ◆ Adopt new-type “copolymerization technology”,  saving agent for over 40%.
    ◆ Adopt proprietary imported dissolved air releaser, no blocking and fault, stable operation. 

    Technical principle

    Device constitution 
    Tank-type high-efficiency oil-water separation equipment consists of extra-tank hybrid outgassing system, dissolved air pump package, in-tank collecting system and automatic control system.  
    ◆ Extra-tank hybrid outgassing system mainly consists of commingler, inlet releaser and dissolved air pressure pipeline. 
    ◆ Pump package consists of inlet multi-phase pump, process pipe and pressure control dial. 
    ◆ In-tank releasing system mainly consists of inlet releaser and releasing equipment.  
    ◆ Automatic control system mianly includes instrument, valve and control cabinet and so on.

    Performance index 
    ◆ Oil removal efficiency 95%
    ◆ Suspended solid removal efficiency 60%

    Application scope 
    ◆ New construction or transformation of stabilization tank and settling tank for wastewater treatment engineering in land oil field;
    ◆ New construction or transformation of stabilization tank and settling tank for oily wastewater treatment engineering in petrochemical industry;
    ◆ Wastewater treatment engineering in iron and steel industry.

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