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    Walnut shell filter adopts walnut shell with strong absorption ability, stable chemical performance, good hydrophily, anti-oil performance and special processing treatment as filter material. Its most significant features are:  
    ? High filtration speed, generally two times of filtration speed of quartz filtration jar;  
    ? Good backwashing effect. Due to it is equipped with mechanical scraping structure, it reach the effect with single water washing cannot realize;
    ? Little water yield for backwashing. Water yield for backwashing is just 1/2~1/3 of that of quartz filtration jar;
    ? Available for using pre-filtration water for backwashing, and unnecessary to set up backwashing pump and backwashing water jar; 
    ? Strong absorption ability and high filter fineness. 
    ? Small floor space.

    Basic technical performance and parameter list 

    Boundary dimension of filter

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