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    Production overview  
    Double-filtering-material and fine-filtering-material filter series are water treatment equipments developed by our company via combining and introducing foreign advanced water treatment technology in accordance with China’s national situation, realizing over 95% in removing suspended solids, which are extensively used in surface water purification, removing suspended impurities of produced wastewater, follow-up treatment and oilfiled sewage treatment after organic sewage conducts biochemical treatment and second settling pond treatment. They are ideal water treatment equipment.

    Product features 
    ? Backwashing way of filter is air-water washing, saving wash yield for backwashing;
    ? Compared with single-layer filtering material filter, it owns features including bearing capacity of pollutants is large, work cycle is long and flow speed is high and so on; 
    ? Able to realize manual operation, semi-automatic and full-automatic control; 
    ? Line pipes are installed overground in a bid to prevent corrosion with neat and beautiful arrangement. 

    Basic technical performance

    Application scope 
    Applied to pretreatment of pure water, food & drinking water, alkaline mineral water as well as water of electron, printing & dyeing, papermaking, petroleum and chemical industries and filtration of industrial sewage after second-level treatment, filtration treatment of reclaimed water reuse system and swimming pool circulation system, and removal of suspended impurity in water. 


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