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    Pond? is a new-type efficient wastewater treatment device, comprehensively using sedimentation and flotation principles, able to realize solid-liquid  and liquid -liquid  separation at the same time, which significantly improve efficiency and accuracy of conventional gravity separation technology with removal efficiency of petroleum and suspended solid exceeding 90%. The device is especially suitable for strengthening separation function of existing sedimentation basin. 

    Equipment features 
    ◆ Bubble diameter is 30μm~50μm(choose type of releaser in accordance with different treatment objects;
    ◆ With low-pressure operation, dissolved gas efficiency is 99% and release rate is 99%;
    ◆ Dissolution efficiency of dissolved gas is 80-100%, higher than air flotation efficiency of traditional dissolved gas for 3 times;
    ◆ Pressure-discharge curve is smooth, easy to realize automatic control, operate and maintain with low noise;
    ◆ Hydraulic retention time is short and land occupation is small. 

    Working principles 
    Pond? Advection floatation device organically bonds sedimentation and air floatation principles, bringing their advantages into play. As for dense contamination particles, it is necessary to use sedimentation. And as for light contamination particles and oils, it is necessary to adopt air floatation. The technology solves the malpractice which cannot make water quality reach the standard for using single sedimentation treatment method. Moreover, after adding dissolved gas water in the back end of advection pond which is equivalent to second-level air floatation, it is able to prevent floated oil residues in the front end from sinking which provides guaranty for effluent quality. According to calculation and research & development, the layout of second-level air floatation releaser in pond is the position which precipitable impurities subsides completely, and the device is not installed in the bottom of pond but higher than bottom mud, making dissolved gas water released by second-level floatation releaser cannot influence precipitated impurities which will not cause the second pollution. 

    Device constitution
    The device consists of dissolved air system and dissolved air release system. Partial water in effluent region enters high-efficiency dissolved air device after being pressured via reflux pump (centrifugal pump), and conducts mutual contaction and dissolution with compressed air in device. Saturated dissolved air water formed in device is transported into pond via pipeline and released in the advection effluent region and second-stage region through unique dissolved air release device.

    Specifications and models
    Specification of complete equipment:300m3/h、500m3/h、1000m3/h 

    Application scope 
    ◆ Steel, light industry, oil, petrifaction, chemical industry, thermal power, metallurgy……oily wastewater; 
    ◆ Papermaking, tan, tanning, spinning & textile printing……pulp, impurity and chroma removal; 
    ◆ Food, making, medical industry……material refinement; 
    ◆ Urban sewage treatment and reuse and so on……activated sludge thickening.


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