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    Dalian Andmir Equipment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dalian Andminr)was built in 2006, and was funded and created by Liaoning Huafu Environmental Co., Ltd. and Andmir Environmental Group (Canada).

    Through the process of joint venture and merger, in July 2013, Dalian Andminr became the wholly-owned subsidiary of Liaoning Huafu Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.. The former joint-venture’s management, technology and production teams took full control of Dalian Andmir, by which hundreds of people formed a professional management team and manufacturing team.

    While exploiting a wealth of marketing resources, Dalian Andmir newly established equipment production plant employs modern equipment, advanced management concepts, mature technology and quality management systems. The plant’s output has increased rapidly and product quality has improved steadily. ANDMIR has been given a new beginning and positioning to become the world's largest “DAF” suppliers and the top brand in Chinese “environmental protection equipment”.

    Dalian Andmir benefits from the heritage of the original joint venture company’s technology and products, such as ADAF (advanced dissolved air flotation) units, spectrum serial filters and oily sludge and contaminated soil thermal desorption system etc. products. Meanwhile, it undertakes its own innovations in the new domain of equipment and technology, such as oily sludge treatment and shale gas sewage treatment technology. The company combines aspects of domestic and foreign enterprises and cooperates with scientific research units to enrich its core competitiveness.

    Today, Andmir strives toward a greener future of bluer sky and clearer water, standing by its powerful corporate oath, to achieve industrial prosperity through unyielding honor and a profound love for China.

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